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Friday, December 12, 2014

Watercolor demo of Golden Pear Continues

I am getting much closer to done will be the long process of cleaning edges etc but only a small area left to figure out...the twine around the darning needle in the center. Hopefully this weekend I can start a new drawing and be ready to paint maybe on Monday or Tuesday depending on how much work I have to do in the drawing.  So here is where I am tonight.


Mike Lealos said...

It looks great, you are such a talented painter. Looking forward to your next painting.

Have a fantastic Holiday Season Jane.

Christiane Fortin said...

Janie you are amazing. This composition is so special. How did you get around this idea. What's next ? I'm painting a flower at the moment (of course) I just can't get away from them but sure would love to have your ideas hihi... I truly love this my friend.